Tips For Choosing The Perfect Headboard

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the impact a headboard can have on your bed? And not only your bed but your entire room, too. Since it’s a pretty big purchase, you shouldn’t take buying and fitting a new headboard lightly.

Before you make your final decision on any headboard, you need to consider its size, fabric, shape, and how dramatic you want it to be. So, if you need help picking out the perfect headboard for your bedroom, this guide has all the answers you’re looking for.

Finding the Right Size

The first thing you should do before you even start looking at headboards is to measure the wall behind your bed. Also, make sure to consider your own height because your headboard should be high enough for you to rest on it.

You should also think about how big your bed frame is and factor in the proportions. For example, if you have a King size bed, your headboard needs to be pretty big. What’s more, if you have a wide bed, you should get a high headboard to create an elegant and dramatic silhouette.

However, don’t go overboard and pick a huge headboard just for the sake of it, because it can actually make your bedroom look smaller. On the other hand, if you pick one that’s too small for your bed, the room will appear empty and unfinished.

Picking the Shape

Most people think that headboards are just rectangle structures behind a bed. But the truth is, they’re extremely versatile and can come in five different and unique shapes.


With a panel headboard, you’ll have one or more panels attached to the framework. The board can have vertical or horizontal detailing and it comes in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and styles.


Most often, slatted headboards are made out of wood or metal and they can have horizontal or vertical rows of material. In some headboards, the slats are really close together for a more traditional look. On the other hand, wider slats have a modern, contemporary feel to them.


Tufted headboards feature an extremely unique and timeless design. You can upholster them with pretty much any fabric you want, from linen to leather. Using firm stitching or a few dozen buttons, manufacturers are able to add some depth to the headboard and create that coveted look.


A bookcase headboard is a perfect example of when design meets functionality. If you’re working with a tight space or need some extra storage, getting a bookcase headboard is the way to go. You can customise it, add different finishes, and it won’t set you back a fortune.


Sleigh headboards were designed, as the name suggests, to mimic the shape of a sleigh. To create that signature look, a sleigh headboard has to curve away from the mattress. You can get it in different materials and styles, and it’ll give your bed an elegant and dramatic look.

Choosing the Material or Fabric

Deciding on what kind of fabric or material you’re going to use for your headboard will set the tone for your entire room. Now, there’s no material or fabric on here that’s better than the other, so it’ll all come down to your personal preference and style.


Originally, when the first headboards came out, they were all made out of wood because it’s sturdy and looks luxurious. Wooden headboards are extremely versatile, and you can sand, stain, colour, carve, and even upholster them.

You can also combine them with some metal elements to achieve a modern but elegant look. If you want your wooden headboard to last for a long time, you should get a pine or an oak one.


An upholstered headboard will give your room a certain sophisticated look. You can cover it with different materials such as linen, microfiber, or velvet. The headboard is extremely comfortable, especially for those of you who love sitting in your bed and leaning against the board.

You can get upholstered headboards in a wide variety of styles and covers to create a unique look. If you love the wing-back design, having it upholstered and tufted will make your bed look regal and your room will seem elegant. What’s more, you can add different elements like wood or metal to make your upholstered headboard look more modern.


If you’re going for a more rustic, warm look, you can get your headboards upholstered with leather. The four main types of leather you can choose from are:

  • Full-grain
  • Corrected grain
  • Split
  • Aniline

They all differ in quality, cost, and durability, so before committing to any type, make sure to do your research to see what works best for you.


Most metal headboards are made of iron because it’s durable and can fit almost any style. Depending on which rods and ends you’ve chosen for your headboard, you can go for a more antique or modern look. Also, you can paint it any colour you like, but it’s always best to leave it as is to prevent corrosion and chips.

Installation Options

Depending on the type and size of your bed, there are a couple of different installations you can choose from.


If you have a bedstead, the bed and headboard are one solid piece of furniture. Bedsteads are easy to set up and customise and you can pick and choose which look you want.


Divans have become an extremely popular installation option because they look elegant and sit about an inch from the floor. With a divan, you can choose to have drawers under your bed frame for more storage. Just like bedsteads, divans come in a wide variety of styles and fabrics.

Final Thoughts

Before you buy a headboard, make sure you’ve measured your room and bed. What’s more, always take into account how tall you are. Browse different fabrics and materials to see what you like best.

Also, try to pick a shape that will fit into your personal aesthetic and never settle for less. If you can’t find what you like in a furniture store, talk to a craftsman about getting a custom headboard made.